ETL507 Placement at last!

I have just received word that my placement has been confirmed which means I will be working for two weeks in the school holidays at the Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG) library in Kent St in the city.  My first impulse was to apply to the State library but reading the advice to “think outside the box” and “get out of my comfort zone” I decided to try something completely different!  I am interested in Genealogy and I’m curious as the resources the SAG library has to offer.  I’d love to get into the education side of the library as this is technically my field but I am also really curious as to how the documents and resources are stored and restored.  It’s all happening rather quickly but at least I’ll have one assignment out of the way in the first part of the year and one in the second as my study visit is not until August.  I have taken on some part time work teaching Yr 1/2 and as always, I find teaching all consuming both of my time and of my thoughts so I hope I will be able to stretch thin enough to cover all the bases!

I plan to use this blog as much as possible to record my experiences during my placement and hopefully this will help me keep my head straight!