E-portfolios for Librarians

Important additions to a Librarian’s portfolio taken from the articles:

  • Weathers-Parry, P. (2001), ‘The librarian’s portfolio’
  • Steffen, S.S., (2000) ‘The professional portfolio for librarians’
    Moody describes the professional portfolio as a “collection of examples of your work” which illustrate your skills and help in self reflection and preparation for job applications.  Weathers- Parry agrees but also includes performance appraisal as a potential purpose for portfolios and suggests that a print version be also available for potential employers to peruse.  Steffen places a greater emphasis on self reflection as an illustration of your professional development as a librarian, your personal philosophy and the way in which your practices as a librarian reflect and support that. Steffen’s recommendations for what to include in a portfolio are quite comprehensive and as such I think would be easier to maintain online.  I agree with Moody that this reduces the amount of paperwork and can be edited more easily to maintain relevance and currency.  A prospective employer would not want all of this information at the time of an interview but having access to it online would help you to pull out items relevant to a particular employer which may not be of interest to another.
    Here is my list of what a TL already employed at work in a school library should keep in an online portfolio, based on these three articles:
    1.  A short statement of personal philosophy. (Steffen)
    2.  A curriculum vitae or resume summarising your career experience.(Moody, Weathers-Parry)
    3.  A record of your ongoing Professional Development (Moody, Weathers-Parry, Steffen)
    4.  Examples of your work which illustrate your personal philosophy, your career experience and your professional development, including short reflections on each which clarify their relevance.(Moody, Weathers-Parry, Steffen)
    5. A short statement of your goals for future development. (Steffen)
    A professional portfolio such as this will change over time and publishing it online on a website or in a blog such as this one would be an easy way to maintain its relevance.  You could still print out a version of the portfolio that best serves either a performance review or a job interview if need be.


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